The aztec king

the aztec king

The 'tlatoani' (or 'speakers') of the Aztecs were its kings. Tenochtitlan sought to cement its own position by electing Acamapichtli, one of the Culhua who. This is a list of the tlatoque of the pre-Columbian altepetl of Tenochtitlan. Contents. [hide]. 1 Under the Tepanec Rule; 2 Emperors of the Triple Alliance ( Aztec Empire) Aztatlan, Installed in Huey Mollan. A quauhtlatoani ("interim ruler "). Motecuhzoma certainly lived like a king. His huge palace at the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan had hanging gardens, a ten-room aviary with fresh. The Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes and his second-in-command, Pedro de Alvarado, arrive at Tenochtitlan from Cuba. Then he sails to eastern Cuba. When Tezozomoc died in , his son Maxtla ascended to the throne of Azcapotzalco. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The name itself, 'aztec', means 'people from Aztlan', a mythological location for the region's Nahuatl-speaking culture, but it was this that was later adopted to define the Mexica people. Date Created Around He died a short time after that.

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Hernan Cortes: The Conquistador of the Aztecs The emperor of the Aztec Empire is worshipped as a living god, son of the gods and supreme ruler of the empire. Motecuhzoma was pressed by the Spanish into pacifying his people but was struck on the head by a rock and killed. Thus the Aztec Empire had its largest geographical extent when the Spaniards arrived in Line of Succession If the emperor does not name a successor then the first in line becomes emperor. He is portrayed as influenced by the belief that Cortes was Quetzalcoatl returned, and weak and indecisive, saving the conquistadores from certain defeat in one the aztec king zwickauer str chemnitz ordering the Aztecs to stop. The Marines' Hymn 's opening line "From the Halls of Montezuma" refers to the Battle of Chapultepec in Mexico City during the Mexican—American War— Henry Holt and Co. Although they are largely forced to be subservient thanks to their raids on other settlements for women, they generally live in peace. This defeat marks the end of Aztec civilisation. Take this Geography True or False Quiz at Encyclopedia Britannica to test your knowledge of Sweden, Italy, and other European countries. Following Cortes' destruction of the Aztec empire, a series of Latinised members of the previous ruling elite were appointed to govern the outer sections of the city, now renamed San Juan Tenochtitlan. Seven Myths of the Spanish Conquest. Last modified October 10, It was stated that he had reigned for seventeen years, and was the best king they ever had in Mexico, and that he had personally triumphed in three wars against countries he had subjugated.

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Son of Tezcatl Popocatzin , grandson of Tizoc. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Aztec Emperor may choose any woman to become one of his concubines. Hernan Cortes parades before the defeated Aztecs - Juan Velazquez Tlacotzin Puppet ruler under Cortes. We even blamed the Mercederian friar for not having persuaded him to become a Christian. Tlatoani of Tenochtitlan — Motecuhzoma seems to have had some instinct that troubled times were ahead as he gave great importance to omens such as a comet sighted in CE and he constantly consulted soothsayers for advice. Aztec mythology foretold that the present era of the 5th sun would eventually collapse just as the previous four eras had done. Death of Aztec ruler Motecuhzoma II. Sometimes, the Aztec rulers even had more than once palace. Later in his reign, Itzcoatl places his son, Huehua Cuitlahuatzin in command of Itztapalapan and in return the city has no taxes to pay. University of Texas Press , p. Create your own and start something epic. The line of succession is described below:. Tribute could take the form of traditional precious materials such as gold and jade, exotic feathers and even animals such as eagles novamatic casina jaguars. When Tayatzin succeeds to the throne of Azcapotzalco, Maxtla of Tepanec soon incites a rebellion among Azcapotzalco's nobles and usurps the throne. His initial contact with the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cotes was not very hostile but later on differences arose between them and he was captured by the Spaniards. Chimalpopoca allies himself with Tayatzin, and the two conspire to retake the throne and kill Maxtla, unsuccessfully in the end. Pedro de Alvarado is sent out by Hernan Cortes to conquer the highlands of Guatemala. Tribute could also be in the form of clothes, fabrics and foodstuffs such as corn and cacao.

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